aka 20mission 2.0, the wonder years

We have many vacancies available immediately in 2023. Thanks, pandemic! The current rate is $1395/mo for a one year lease. An extra person and/or short term lease is an additional $150/mo. It's been a time of transition, but we're very excited to meet new interesting people and (re)build the community!

Joining us involves two steps: 1) tour the house (in person or video call) if you haven't spent time here before, and 2) complete a standard rental application with our property management company. There's a $30 application fee and a security deposit is required.

Feel free to reach out to book a tour or with any questions to our resident manager, Stephanie, or via our Twitter / public Discord chat server.

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20mission was founded in 2012 as the first crypto hacker house in San Francisco. Our entrepreneurial spirit is still strong, with artists, engineers, writers, and free spirits of all types. While the pandemic has reduced our numbers, we remain one of the largest co-living houses in the city at 40 rooms, with a huge extended family around the world. We encourage like-minded folks to consider life @ 20mish!

Find yourself in late night discussions about things like the best way to make crepes, whether or not we’re living in a simulation, and where to get the tastiest burrito.

Located in the heart of the Mission just 3 blocks from Dolores Park, 2 blocks from Noisebridge, 4 blocks from BART, and surrounded by world-class dining, coffee, and vibrant nightlife. Enjoy comfortable weather almost every day with the sunniest neighborhood in the city, and unparalleled walkability (99 walkscore!).

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“I planned to live at 20mish for a few months and stayed for almost 5 years. It was simultaneously the most fun and most productive living situation I’ve ever experienced.”
- Chris, Former Resident, 33
“Living with 40 people sounds crazy, but it actually feels like living with less people than if you have, like 3 roommates, because you can get lost in the crowd if you want. People leave you alone until you choose to engage. That kind of flexibility is so freeing compared to typical social setups where you have to plan every hangout and interaction in advance.”
- Andrew, Current Resident, 38
“Supposedly, we make friends via repeated unplanned interactions. 20mish is like a machine that pumps those out non-stop. You were just making breakfast and now you’re friends with someone from France, discussing the differences between American and French bread. The environment is just so stimulating.”
- Leo, Current Resident, 28
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The walls of our home are living art! Over the years our fundraisers have allowed us to sponsor dozens of local artists to add their creations, including fnnch, Sirron Norris, Inga Bard, Daniel Velasquez, Lauren Asta, Erik De La Cruz, Nathan Richard Phelps, Henry Lipkis, Analog Monsters, Megan Mackey, and Jacqui Ray.

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coming soon. in the meantime, returning to our modest beginnings...